Send Out Cards

Contact: Peter Mitchell
Location: 2020 Mapleridge Dr., Unit 302
Peterborough, ON

Phone: 705-749-1998
Cell Phone: 705-872-2442

Description: Do you want to: Stay in touch with your client base? Save time and money? Get your clients to love you even more than they already do? Get more referrals than you already do? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then SendOutCards is the product for you. We at SendOutCards provide a service that gives you the ability to make a meaningful impact on your client base, as well as create familiarity with potential customers. SendOutCards is an internet based service that will let you send an actual greeting card (not an e-card) with the click of a button. You can even send gifts or gift cards (Timmy's, StarBucks, are only 2 examples). SendOutCards really has to be experienced to be believed. Postcards can be mailed for as little as .31 cents; folded greeting cards for as little as .62 cents, (plus postage). All you need is an internet connection. The SendOutCards system allows you to choose from over 15,000 cards in their inventory, personalize it with a handwritten note and photograph, add your own signature and send it in about 2 minutes. You create it, we print it, stuff it in an envelope, put a stamp on it and put it in a mailbox for you. You never handle the card until the recipient shows it to you and asks "How did you do that?" Contact me and I can show you how YOU can do THAT too.