The Peterborough Area Home Business Association (PAHBA) began as an idea in 2010 that formed in the minds of two former members of the Kingston Area Home Business Association.

The idea was to develop a similar group of home business owners in Peterborough, who would join together to share information, marketing strategies, learning opportunities, and business and social networking. The result became the PAHBA which meets once a month to share these opportunities.


  • To promote home-based business in the community, and to support members through the sharing of information, experience and knowledge.
  • To meet regularly to discuss and advocate for issues of interest and concern to home-based businesses.
  • To be the voice of small business in Peterborough.
  • To offer a non-exclusive membership to the home business owner.
  • Relationship based.


  • Help deal with isolation.
  • Education on different topics for home businesses.
  • Discussion of different points of view in a friendly and safe environment.
  • Network and share information about each others business.
  • Shared experiences helps us learn from others’ successes and struggles.
  • Guest speakers.
  • Chance to network with other groups.
  • Join together for purchasing power.
  • Educational Programs.
  • Internet presence with website listing of member’s businesses.


  • Special events to showcase members’ home businesses.
  • Educate public about home businesses in Peterborough.
  • Raise awareness of PAHBA.

We invite you to join us.
First time as a guest.
Second time as a friend and hopefully…
Third time as a member

Here’s one on the house: 6 Tips For A Home Business Owner.

We hope to see you at the next meeting!